What is my NHCC Email?

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  • What is my NHCC Email?


This an explanation of the Minnesota State single email system and what your NHCC email is.

If you want directions on how to log into your e-mail, click here: How To log into your NHCC E-Mail

The steps, guides, and tips below require you to log into your email and STAR ID profile using your STAR ID. If you don’t know what your STAR ID is, click here: What is my STAR ID and how to do I reset my password?

Top tip: Install the Outlook application on your smart phone to log into your email only once and always stay connected. Click here for directions on how to install the Outlook application on your smart phone

Top tip: Download the Official NHCC application to stay up to date with all things NHCC. Click here for directions on how to download the NHCC application.

Question: What is my NHCC email and what are all these other email addresses I am seeing?

Answer: Minnesota State (Minnstate) colleges now use a single email system that’s associated with your StarID. Depending on which college(s) you are enrolled at, you will have an associated email with that school. Each person enrolled in a Minnstate college has ONLY one user name that they can use to get them into their email inbox. All of your Minnstate email will go into this single inbox. There is no need to log out and log back in to check messages at another Minnstate email address. Email is the official means of communication at NHCC. You should be checking your NHCC email everyday. 

Question : When will my NHCC email be active?

If you are a brand new student at NHCC, your NHCC email will be active 62 days before the start of your first class at NHCC. 

Your NHCC email stays active for one year from the last day you attended class at NHCC. If you apply for another Minnesota State college, your email stays active. 

If you are a returning student who has been gone for more than a year, your NHCC email will re-active 24 hours after you have succesfully signed up for a class. 

Question : How do I know what my assigned NHCC email is?

Answer: There are a couple of ways to know what your assigned NHCC email is. Typically, it’s your FirstName.LastName@my.nhcc.edu

Method 1: Click here to go to the Office 365 log in page and log in with your STARID@go.minnstate.edu user name and STAR ID password

Click on your initials in the top right hand corner in the bubble and click on “My Office Profile”. If you have your profile picture uploaded to Microsoft Office, you will see your picture instead of your initials.

Click on My Office Profile when you log into your NHCC email

Your NHCC associated student email will be listed on the Office Profile page ending in @my.nhcc.edu

Your email ends with @my.nhcc.edu

Method 2:

You can find your NHCC student email and any other email addresses associated with any colleges you are enrolled to by logging into your STAR ID profile.

Go to www.starid.minnstate.edu and click on the option to Sign in to Profile

Click on Sign into Profile on the STAR ID management website

Click on Office 365 Contact to view your Student Contact Card which lists your email address:

Your student contact card shows you your email address

Question: I am seeing a different school’s email than NHCC. I or my teacher want to have my NHCC email as my default.

Answer: Follow the steps below to set your email address to your NHCC email


Go to starid.minnstate.edu and select Sign into Profile.

Sign into Profile

Log in with your StarID and StarID password.

Select the Office 365 Contact tab and then select Contact Card.

Select contact card to set your NHCC email as your default contact card

Select a new primary email. The primary email selected also determines the default institution.

Click on Select New Student Contact Card and select your NHCC email address:

Your contact card shows all Minnesota State college emails associated with your email

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Question: Can I log into my school email with my @my.nhcc.edu email and STAR ID password?

Answer: No. School associated emails can’t be logged in with your display email. Only your STARID@go.minnstate.edu will let you log into your school email.

  1. Question: What email should I be giving out to any people that I want to receive emails from?

Answer: You can give out any emails that you have associated with your STAR ID. They will all go into the same inbox. For professional reasons, try sticking with your NHCC email (preferred) or any school associated email.

  1. Question: If I give someone my STARID@go.minnstate.edu email, can I still receive emails if they send emails to that address?

           Answer: Yes

  1. Question: I am locked out of my email even after resetting my password

Answer: You must be a current student at NHCC or any other Minnesota State college to be eligible to sign into your NHCC email. Different schools have different timelines on when your Minnesota State email account will be deactivated. Your email at NHCC will deactivate after one year from the date your last class took place at NHCC. If you are a returning student, your NHCC email will be reactivated 24 hours after you successfully sign up for a class. 

  1. Question: What is my TECH ID used for? Can I use it to log into my NHCC email or any other services?

Answer: No, your TECH ID is one of the options to reset your STAR ID password and mostly used for internal records at NHCC. Your TECH ID is only unique to NHCC. You will have a different TECH ID at another Minnesota State college.

  1. Question: How do I enroll in multi factor authentication?

      Answer: Review our MFA guide.


    NHCC’s Technology Services department is here to help! If you need technical assistance after reading this document, please email HelpDesk@nhcc.edu


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